Our Horchata

Your Customers Will Love Our Horchata

Horchata is a delicious non-dairy rice beverage that dates back to 16th-century Spain, and is considered a staple in Hispanic and Latin cultures. Millions of people use the beverage in place of milk, as a coffee creamer, and as a refreshing drink. It's a healthier alternative to many of the sodas and other beverages found in restaurants and stores today.

Original Horchata - Pint and Quart Sizes

A Refreshing Alternative

There are so many people suffering from lactose intolerance across America, and our non-dairy, lactose-free products are a perfect alternative for you your coffee or cereal. For years, Horchata has been used by mothers to help their babies with colic, and others have used Horchata as a milk substitute when they have ulcers. What benefit will you find when you choose our rich and delicious product?

A Timeless Classic

Our Horchata comes in two refreshing flavors: Original and Strawberry. First introduced in June of 1984, the Don Jose Foods brand is now proud to be recognized for making the finest Horchata available. Our product remains the top seller in its category for our industry. It's full of incredible benefits, including:

• Non-Dairy Refrigerated
• Calcium-Enriched
• Enriched With Seven Vitamins
• No Cholesterol
• Pasteurized
• Low Sodium
• Homogenized