About Don Jose Foods

Trust the company that's family-owned, established since 1984, and debt-free, with a special focus on non-dairy beverages. We work with amazing bottlers, supplying them with the ingredients. They pasteurize our product to remove harmful bacteria and homogenize them so they do not separate. Our grain-based and non-dairy Horchata base is made from high-quality ingredients, including:

• Rice Milk • Cinnamon • Nutmeg & Spices • Corn

Experience the Quality

This nutritious beverage is produced in partnership with dairy and juice producers, that come together to create our incredible proprietary formulation. You can rely on the exceptional quality of our Horchata as we're certified by large dairy companies in the United States and Mexico. If your customers are looking for a fresh alternative to milk and traditional soft drinks, contact us. We would love to share the Don Jose Foods experience with everyone we can.